Synthetic stock Hedged To Itself

Options investing is extremely complex and I am not so quick with the math so I use a lot of spreadsheets help me make decisions regarding option trading.  I belong to several options trading groups where we share our strategies.  I am happy to do so.  But, I am not a broker/dealer, CFP, RIA or a licensed advisor of any kind.  I cannot give you advice.  I have nothing to sell you.  Investing is risky.  You could lose all of your money.  I am not giving advice; I am only telling you what I do.  I could be wrong.  If you do the things that I do, you could make some of the dumb trades that I have made.   Consider what you do carefully; you’re on your own.  So, please don’t sue me.

This spreadsheet is used to manually manage Bubba's Ultimate Hedge.  It is not easy to manage.  Remember too that I am not a CPA or professional trader and I can make mistakes.  Note this spreadsheet only applies to underlyings with three character ticker symbols; for more or less characters you will have to modiby the formulas in column L, row 19 downward.

Download and read the Synthetic Stock Hedged to Itself - User Guide.