Reading List - Investment Books



Security Analysis

Benjamin Grahan & David L. Dodd – tough read; I skimmed it.

The Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham – Easier to read and full of updates and interpretations by contemporaries

Stocks For The Long Run

Jeremy Siegal - Fundamentals must read

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

Burton G. Malkiel -  Fundamentals must read


Options For The Beginner And Beyond - Very good place to start

W. Edward Olmstead - good basic descriptions of options and how they work

Buy and (Hold) Hedge - Very Good

Jay Pestrichelli, Wayne Ferbert - Good method for low risk income trading and portfolio management.

Hedging Market Exposures

Oleg V. Bychuk, Brian J. Haughey - Introduction to hedging techniques

Trade Like Chuck – Good

Chuck Hughes - Good income trading and hedging and portfolio management.  It is a teaser for the paid services but well worth reading.

The Options Edge – Good

Michael C. Khouw and Mark W. Guthner - Very good chapter on hedging with options

The Way of The Turtle - Very Good

Curtis M. Faith - Great presentation of the Turtle's system and good tips on back testing and trend trading.

Options for Volatile Markets

Richard Lehman & Lawrence G. McMillan - good basics and good info on trading VIX options

The Second Leg Down

Hari P. Krishnan - Very theoretical; I could not find anything that I could use.

How We Trade Options

Jon and Pete Najarian - Don't bother.  Some basic information, but they really want you to sign up for Options Monster

The 22 Rules of Investing

Jon and Pete Najarian  -  Don't bother.  How to make money - start a brokerage firm and charge your clients a bundle.


Trading to Win

Ari Kiev, M.D. - Complete crap.  This is one of those psychology books written by someone who knows nothing about trading but gets paid to tell you not to do anything stupid.

Quantitative Trading

Ernest P. Chan - A little too scary for me, but worth knowing what some algorithmic traders do.

The Options Trader's Hedge Fund

Dennis A Chen & Mark Sebastian - A step by step guide to creating a hedge fund.  More that I want to do.

Fundamentals of Hedge Fund Management

Daniel A. Strachman - Launching and running a hedge fund.  I'd never do it, but now I know.


Liar’s Poker


The Big Short

Flash Boys

Wall Street Meat

Michael Lewis - All good entertainment - they won't help you invest though. 

Hedge Fund Market Wizards – and all of the Market Wizards books

Jack D. Schwager - The really big guys made their fortunes in very different ways.

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Edwin Lefevre – Interesting to learn how bad the markets used to be.

One Up On Wall Street

Peter Lynch – What Peter did at managing the Fidelity Megellan Fund

More Money than God

Sebastian Mallaby – How rich fund managers got that way

Start Something

Wayne McVicker – A full story of a Silicon Valley startup – fun read

Running Money

Andy Kessler – Story of a Silicon Valley VC - fun read

The Millionaire Next Door

Thomas J. Stanley – Ordinary people can make millions, if they don’t spend it foolishly

Stress Test – Reflection on Financial Crisis

Timothy F. Geithner – Make decisions in a few hours with little data yet those decisions will affect the entire economy of the free world.  Very good.